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Woven, Decorative Bands: Weaving on the Modified Rigid Heddle

The intricate and colorful band weaving that is sometimes found on lusekofta (Norwegian ski sweaters) can be woven on a “spaltegrind." This workshop will show how to transform a standard rigid heddle into a spaltegrind, a modification developed in the 1930s and 1940s by American weavers, to weave colorful, decorative bands that may include names, dates, and mottoes. In peasant crafts from Scandinavia, pattern is often laid upon pattern for dazzling effect. The use of these colorful bands in combination with two-color knitting is but one example of this approach to design. Students learn how to modify a standard rigid heddle and the basics of pick up weaving for bands. If desired, students can make appropriate shuttles – a small woodworking project.

Material fee includes two rigid heddles, shuttle, belt, bar, yarns and lesson materials. One rigid heddle will be modified, warped and ready to weave. The goal of this workshop is to get students weaving as quickly as possible. After students develop an understanding of the basics, they will design a second weaving project, modify and warp the second heddle. When students master the basic design and weave techniques they can, if desired, advance to Sami band weaving techniques or Latvian three-color work. Additional heddles of various sizes will be available.


New! Tue, May 16, 2017 - Fri, May 19, 2017
(Early bird tuition deadline: 04/04/17)

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$340.00 per student (Regular rate)
$300.00 per student (Early-bird rate)


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Larry Schmitt Larry Schmitt

As a child, Larry learned many textile techniques from his parents including nålbinding. Since the early 1980s, he has been teaching and researching nålbinding and has written a number of instructional manuals. These workbooks are some of the only resources on nålbinding in English. Larry has taught and exhibited nålbinding throughout the country and has even had students from Norway and Germany, but he considers North House home base. His classes at North House reflect his continuing interest in traditional textile crafts.

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Woven, Decorative Bands: Weaving on the Modified Rigid Heddle

Woven, Decorative Bands: Weaving on the Modified Rigid Heddle

Woven, Decorative Bands: Weaving on the Modified Rigid Heddle