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Three-Legged Milking Stool

Explore the fundamentals of traditional furniture making with this classic Americana piece, the three-legged milking stool. Steeped in the tradition of working exclusively with vintage fine woodworking tools, you'll learn precise handwork to shave wooden birch legs using a drawknife on the traditional woodworker's 'bench' of choice, the shaving horse. The finer details will be smoothed with a spokeshave and the seats sculpted of white pine. You'll learn to mortise and tenon the legs to the seat with a hand tenoner. Finishes such as milk paints and other traditional wood preservatives will be discussed, allowing you the most fashionable chair for sitting upon whilst hand milking your cow or goat...or whittling on your next project.


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Course Details

Length in days:
1 1/2

Day 1: 5pm-8pm, Day 2: 9am-5pm

$115.00 per student (Regular rate)
$110.00 per student (Early-bird rate)


Beginner to Advanced

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John Beltman John Beltman

John is a woodworker who specializes in working with traditional hand tools and utilizing traditional building techniques. His students consistently comment that this approach permeates every class he teaches. John has recently concentrated his efforts on traditional early American methods of woodworking, including spring-pole lathe turning, the construction of snowshoes, and hand-crafting Windsor chairs & stools. John's training includes work with the Rockport Apprentice Shop in Maine, Strong's Canoe Yard in Vermont, and the Windsor Institute in New Hampshire.

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Three-Legged Milking Stool

Three-Legged Milking Stool