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Sustainable Living

North House's programs take place year-round exploring themes from timber framing to basketry, boat building to fiber arts, woodcarving to northern ecology. We welcome your questions and inquiries anytime!

Currently Scheduled

Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine, Self Care to Community

Natural Botanicals: Spring Session

Natural Botanicals: Wild Medicine Workshop

Ovencrafting: Building and Baking In The Wood-Fired Brick Oven

Not Currently Scheduled / Past Offerings



Carbon Free Cooking: Designing, Building and Using Solar Ovens

Chickens For Your Backyard

Clean and Green? Making Sustainable Suds!

Clean-it-Yourself: Making Sustainable Soaps

Creating Sacred Space

Creating Your Home Herbal Apothecary

Dry it; You'll Like It: Build a Solar Food Dehydrator


Essentials of Cordwood Construction



Fundamentals of Yurt Construction


Graft Your Own Orchard

Grafting & Growing Your Own Apple Orchard

Green Medicines

Grow Your Own Apple Orchard

Herbal Healthcare for Winter

Hoop Hoop Hooray: A Tour of Greenhouses, Hoop-houses and Season Extenders

Intensive Gardening: Saving Money, Eating Better


Natural Beekeeping in the Boreal Landscape: Local Solutions Series

Near Net Zero: Energy Efficient Home Design

Nordic Herbals
New! Nordic Herbals (2 days)
Gigi Stafne

Planning the Sustainable Homestead

Planning Your Garden for Seed Saving


Sensible Eating: Chickens For Your Space


Solar Hot Water Systems: Get The Heat

Solar Hot Water Systems: Hands-on Installation Experience

Solar Power: Plug Into The Sun

Straw Bale Garden Installation



Top-Bar Bee Hive Construction: For the Joy of Keeping Bees

Willow Plant Supports for the Garden

Sustainable Living Calendar