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Blacksmithing & Tool Making

North House's programs take place year-round exploring themes from timber framing to basketry, boat building to fiber arts, woodcarving to northern ecology. We welcome your questions and inquiries anytime!

Currently Scheduled

Birch, Bark & Antler: Decorative Handles for the Nordic Kitchen

Blacksmithing: Crafting The Tools of the Trade

Blacksmithing: Optional Day

Blacksmithing: The Basics & Beyond

Blacksmithing: Viking Fire Steels

Crafting the Throwing Axe

Damascus Steel Tutorial

Fitting a Custom Axe: From Handle to Sheath

Forge & Craft a Crooked Knife

From Bloom to Bar: Turning Raw Iron & Steel into Usable Steel


Sharpening Tutorial

Tool-Making for Wood Workers and Others

Viking-Era Smelting: A Contemporary Approach to Iron-Age Technology

Not Currently Scheduled / Past Offerings

Basic Flintknapping

Blacksmithing for Kids




Build Your Own Hand Plane

Building the Northwest Trade Gun

Craft Your Own Wood Stove

Crafting the Carver's Drawknife

Crafting the Traditional Pattern-Welded Puukko Knife

Crooked Knife: Craft Your Own


Damascus Folding Jackknife: Make Your Own

Damascus Rings: Jewelry from the Blacksmith Shop

Forge & Tie an Iron-Handled Hearth Broom & Hook

Forge Ahead: Preparing the Blacksmith Shop Service Learning Project


Forging the 17th Century Axe

Forging the Norwegian Laminated Knife Blade

Forging the Scandinavian Small Forest Axe




Hand-Forged Chest Hardware


Intermediate Flintknapping

Light Your Way into Blacksmithing

Make Your Own Kebeki: The Essential Japanese Woodworking Tool

Norse Ring Handle Door Hardware

Norwegian Knifemaking: Crafting the Everyday 'Hverdags' Knife

Opening Doors: Hand Forged Thumb Latch and Hinges

Sharpen-it-Yourself: Knife & Tool Sharpening Basics

Swedish Kniv Traditions with Ramon Persson

Tools for the Shop: Service Learning in the Blacksmith Shop

Tools for the Spring-Pole Lathe: Craft Your Own

Traditional Blacksmithing Joinery Techniques

Blacksmithing & Tool Making Calendar