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North House's programs take place year-round exploring themes from timber framing to basketry, boat building to fiber arts, woodcarving to northern ecology. We welcome your questions and inquiries anytime!

Currently Scheduled

Birch Bark Berry Basket: Workshop and Field Harvest

Birch Bark Necklace

Birch Bark Tutorial

Black Ash Pack Baskets

Red-Osier Dogwood Frame Basket

Not Currently Scheduled / Past Offerings

Antler Basketry


Basswood Bark Coiled Basketry

Basswood Bark: Twining & Weaving

Birch Bark Basket Tutorial: Going Beyond

Birch Bark Berry Basket - Builder's Workshop

Birch Bark Birds: Unplugged Mini Course

Birch Bark Boxes: Scandinavian Bark Basketry

Birch Bark Cozy for Containers

Birch Bark Craft Intro: Sheathes and Boxes

Birch Bark Knife Sheaths

Birch Bark Weaving: An Introduction

Birch Bark Weaving: Bracelets & Other Small Projects

Birch Bark Weaving: The Project Series: Footwear

Black Ash Basketry Tutorial: Iroquois Style and Approach

Black Ash Basketry: An Introduction

Black Ash Basketry: Unplugged XII Mini Course

Boundary Waters Travel Basket Up the Trail

Cattail Basketry: Twining and Fishtail Plaiting Techniques

Cattail Craft for Kids!

Cattail Tote Bag

Cattail Weaving: The Northern Fedora

Cattails & Cornhusks: Craft for Families

Cedar Bark Weaving

Coiled Basketry Stitching Techniques with Pine Needles

Coiled Basketry: The Pine Needle Pouch

Craft Your Own Coiled Bee Skep

Crafting the Birch Bark Star: Unplugged XII Mini Course

Crafting the Traditional Stake & Strand Willow Basket

Etched Birch Bark Basketry

Footstool Weaving: Danish Modern Cord & Seagrass

Hanging Birch Bark Baskets

Holiday Hanging Birch Bark Baskets: Birch Bark Basketry for Families

Northwoods Basketry Adventure: From Harvest to Basket

Onion & Garlic Round Reed Baskets

Pine Needle Basketry

Put Your Feet Up: Weave a Footstool with Paper Fiber Rush

Round-Bottomed Black Ash Bushel Basket

Russian Birch Bark Weaving Tutorial with Vladimir Yarish

Square to Round Black Ash Baskets

Sustainable Harvest of Tree Bark For Basketry

Swedish Decorated Birch Bark Canisters

Swedish Traditions of Hemslöjd: Birch Bark Boxes

Sweet Grass Basketry

The Harvest Basket: Red-Osier Basketry

Traditional Paper Rush Chair Seat Weaving

Tuesi: Birch Bark Canisters with Vladimir Yarish

Unplugged X Mini Course: Black Ash Basketry


Weave a Willow Bark Hat

Weaving an Original Walking Stick Grip with Barks

Weaving Holiday Ornaments From Birch Bark

Weaving the Hand Bag Basket

Weaving with Birch Bark: The Project Series: Footwear

Weaving with Willow Barks: Plaited Bowls



Woven Birch Bark Basketry

Basketry Calendar