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Scholarships open for 2022

Did you know North House provides scholarships in an effort to reduce barriers to students of all ages and backgrounds? Read more for details and information on how to apply.

Posted on July 22, 2022

North House's scholarships are available for all listed classes. Even if the class is full, scholarship applicants can reserve a spot on the waitlist in case a spot comes available. The scholarship program was designed to:

  • increase the diversity of age and race in our student body
  • offer opportunities to local residents of Cook County and Grand Portage, MN
  • support the learning of those with professional aspirations in a particular craft area
  • make our programming available to those with financial need

Scholarships are available at three levels. Please note the level at which you are applying on your application.

  • Half: half of tuition and materials.
  • Full: full amount of tuition and materials.
  • Full+: full amount of tuition and materials and $50 per course day to offset housing/transportation costs.

Check the Scholarships page for full details on how to apply.