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Birch Bark Baskets: Athabaskan Influences

Course Overview

Learn to weave a basic, wide-bias weave, birch bark basket based on Native Alaskan Athabaskan style work. The piece may then be enhanced with teacher prepared and dyed spruce roots, or kept a bit more basic with user-friendly waxed threads (or a combination of both). The rim and foot are heavier split roots with a laced, double-layer, traditional birch base. For added interest, students may experiment with decorative stitching as well as eco-printed bark to adorn the lid or base, or perhaps to be applied elsewhere. Students will have the choice to keep it simple, and weave two non-lidded more basic pieces, or to focus on one challenging, lidded and lined piece. Most materials will be teacher-prepared, but liners and lids will be cut and prepared in class to fit.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.