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Forging the Long-Handled Viking Age Noisemaker

Course Overview

Explore one of the mysteries of yore: the Viking Age noisemaker. Originals have been found in Viking burials across northern Europe and several of these are currently on display in the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. What was the exact original purpose for these artifacts? Some experts suggest that a noisemaker on a staff was used as an aide in herding livestock. Other similar examples, however, have been found in the graves of women who are believed to have been powerful spiritual leaders. Learn hand-forging techniques and reproduce a copy of the noisemakers on display in Stockholm. Shape and finish a wooden staff for the newly completed iron forging and attach it with copper rivets. Whatever your theory, the finished staff makes an interesting and handsome object of conversation!

Forging reproductions of original artifacts can present numerous challenges that will also be addressed in this class. We will discuss original measurements and calculation of the amount of stock needed to finish a forging to the correct size. This class will be an excellent stepping stone for individuals interested in recreating iron forgings from the archeological record.

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