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Friction Fire Starting: Bushcraft Skill Building

Course Overview

From fungi to birch bark, rocks to lichen, the boreal forest is home to many useful things that can be used to spark a flame: no matches required. Through a mix of field-based and on-campus experiences, students will discover how to make fire by friction and how to identify and prepare the most useful natural tinders & kindlings found in the northern forest. Students will construct and learn to use a friction fire kit that includes a bow drill and hand drill, as well as gain experience preparing char cloth and using flint and steel. Additional instruction will include hands-on demonstrations of highly effective modern survival fire lighting techniques and tools. For the serious camper, the bushcraft enthusiast or the backyard bonfire specialist, this is a great in-depth opportunity to focus on the essential (and fun!) skill of fire starting.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.