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Service Learning Project: The Bow Shed

Course Overview

Meet the bow shed: this versatile minimalist shed design uses “bows”—wooden arches constructed on a form—to create a high gothic-roofed framework. The bows are covered with any available roofing material, from temporary transparent plastic “shrink wrap” to more permanent corrugated roofing; maximize natural light with the former, and durability with the latter. The ends can be left open, or framed and enclosed. This customizable structure lends itself to any number of uses, including carports, workshops, and greenhouses. Price and versatility make this a great project for anyone looking for covered space, and can be built using a few portable power tools. North House’s bow shed will house an ongoing herring skiff project that will be finished by instructors and community members during the summer. Approximate dimensions of the bow shed are 16 W ’x 24’ L.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.