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Welcome to North House's home on the web!  I hope that browsing these pages captures your imagination and inspires you to action. Without you, our educational mission and commitment to lifelong learning is incomplete.

Greg Wright, Executive Director

From The Harbor
If timbers could talk. No doubt, there would be stories. Two timbered buildings, built in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corp as warehouses for the Forest Service, stand on the edge of the Grand Marais harbor. Giant saw logs rolling into the harbor, ready to be rafted and pulled across the big lake to sawmills in Wisconsin. Work crews sharing tales as they bedded down for the night on the loft’s wooden floors. Tools–planting bars to sharpened two-man saws–stockpiled for the moment and waiting for the coming season. If timbers could talk.

Built as workspace on a working harbor, the buildings served an important purpose for decades. Built by the hands of experienced woodworkers, their elemental timbered trusses and rugged black iron tie bolts almost seem to speak–durability, beauty, purpose, simplicity.

One red, one blue–today the buildings still stand, solid and present on Grand Marais’ harbor. The core of North House, their timbered trusses now soar across woodworking, boat building and traditional craft classrooms, sunlight streaming in through the windows. Sawdust still waits on the floor to be swept. Sharp saws still slice. Tales are still told. Purpose is still strong and vibrant. Bowl carving, shoemaking, blacksmithing, woodcarving–durability, beauty, purpose, simplicity.

If timbers could talk. What stories would they tell of North House’s first sixteen years? And, just as importantly, what stories will they tell of North House’s next fifteen? Dedicated volunteers, generous supporters, inspired students–these are the builders of North House. There's always work to be shared (Service & Volunteer weekend), special events to host (click here), and crafts to discover. What part will you play?

We hope to see you on campus soon. Let’s give the timbers more stories to tell!

    Greg Wright
    Executive Director

PS If your intrigued with North House's educational efforts and programs, I encourage you to get involved.  Request our catalogVisit for our next special eventTell a friend.  Most importantly, start soon!





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