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North House's programs take place year-round exploring themes from timber framing to basketry, boat building to fiber arts, woodcarving to northern ecology. We welcome your questions and inquiries anytime!

Currently Scheduled

Build Thoreau's Cabin: Basic Building Skills Workshop

Cabin Masonry Mass Stove Building

Dovetail Log Cabin: Builder's Workshop

Dovetail Log Sauna or Cabin: Build Your Own

Masonry Heater Building

Timber Frame: Build Your Own, Smaller Frames (Tiny Home, Sauna or Outbuilding)

Not Currently Scheduled / Past Offerings



Build Thoreau's Cabin Service Learning Project

Build Your Own Yurt

Building With Stone: The Basics & Beyond

Essentials of Cordwood Construction

Fundamentals of Yurt Construction

Handcrafting Doors: From Stiles to Rails


Log Home Building: Fundamentals Workshop

Micro Housing Primer: Experimental Shelter

Near Net Zero: Energy Efficient Home Design

Nomadic Pursuits: Building Your Own Portable Yurt

Outbuildings for Your Backyard

Rocket Stove Workshop

Solar Hot Water Systems: Get The Heat

Solar Hot Water Systems: Hands-on Installation Experience

Stone Building: Art, Nature and Form

Timber Frame: Group Building

Wood-Fired Masonry Cookstove Building

Yurt Building: Design and Construction

Shelter Calendar