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North House's programs take place year-round exploring themes from timber framing to basketry, boat building to fiber arts, woodcarving to northern ecology. We welcome your questions and inquiries anytime!

Currently Scheduled

Birch Bark Canoes: Traditional Construction

Cedar-Strip Boat Construction: Techniques & Fundamentals

West Greenland Kayak Paddle: Make Your Own

West Greenland Skin-on-Frame Kayak: Build Your Own

Not Currently Scheduled / Past Offerings

Birch Bark Canoe Building Intensive

Birch Bark Canoe Building: From the Harvest to the Building Bed

Building A Model Birch Bark Canoe (Preserving The Past)

Building The Classic Wooden Rowboat: Build Your Own Susan Skiff

Building the Fisherman: Joe Seliga's Square-Stern Wood Canvas Canoe Form

Canoe Sailing Workshop

Cedar-Strip Boatbuilding: Build Your Own Canoe or Kayak

Classic Canoe Sail Rig - Canoe for Sail

Coracle Boat: Build Your Own

Fundamentals of Traditional Wooden Boat Building

Fundamentals of Traditional Wooden Boat Building II

Greenlandic Inuit Kayak - Build Your Own

Hand Crafting A Northwoods Paddle

Inuit Kayak Paddle: Make Your Own

Lofting for Boat Builders

Messing About WITH Boats:  Boat Maintenance Weekend (Service Learning Project)

Nutshell Pram: Build Your Own Sail Craft or Row Boat

Nutshell Prams for the Weekend Builder: Joint Ownership

Oar Construction: Make Your Own Set

On The Building Bed: Birch Bark Canoe Construction


Pram Boat Building: Build Your Own Traditional Norse Pram

Step 1 - Lofting For Boatbuilders

Techniques of Pram Boat Building: Old World Boatbuilding Traditions

Techniques of Wood Canvas Boat Repair

The Harvest:  Preparing For Birch Bark Canoe Construction


Traditional Wooden Boat Building: A Crash Course

Wood Canvas Canoe Repair Series: Surveying Your Canoe

Wood-Canvas Canoe ReCanvas & Fill

Wood-Canvas Canoe Restoration

Wood-Canvas Canoe: Build Your Own

Wood-Canvas Canoe: Build Your Own with Guest Instructor Jerry Stelmok

Boatbuilding Calendar