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Courses for Families

Want to take a course as a family? Children can enroll in the courses below as long as they're enrolled along with an adult. Required ages vary, and typically the child's tuition rate is 75% of the adult tuition rate. See individual course descriptions for more information.

Don't miss out on our Family Weekend in October!


Birch Bark Mason Jar Basket
Birch Bark Mason Jar Basket (1 day)
Beth Homa
Age with adult: 10+, Sat only

Etched Birch Bark Basketry
Etched Birch Bark Basketry (2 1/2 days)
Jarrod StoneDahl
Age with adult: 14+


All Ground Up: Sausage Making

Artisan Breads II
Artisan Breads II (1 1/2 days)
Amy James
Age with adult: 16+

Sausages for the Summer Grill


Northern Ecology

Birding By Ear
Birding By Ear (1 day)
Ann Russ
Age with adult: 14+

Boreal Birding Workshop
New! Boreal Birding Workshop (2 days)
Bob Janssen
Age with adult: 14+

What's This Rock? Unraveling the Geologic Story of Minnesota's North Shore

Winter River Exploration
Winter River Exploration (1 day)
Mark & Katya Gordon
Age with adult: 12+


Dovetail Log Cabin: Builder's Workshop
New! Dovetail Log Cabin: Builder's Workshop (4 days)
Lonnie Dupre
Age with adult: 16+

Masonry Heater Building
Masonry Heater Building (4 days)
Eric Moshier
Age with adult: 14+

Timber Framing

Outdoor Timbered Benches
Outdoor Timbered Benches (3 1/2 days)
Randy Schnobrich
Age with adult: 16+