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Courses for Families

Want to take a course as a family? Children can enroll in the courses below as long as they're enrolled along with an adult. Required ages vary, and typically the child's tuition rate is 75% of the adult tuition rate. See individual course descriptions for more information.

Don't miss out on our Family Weekend in October!


Artisan Breads II
New! Artisan Breads II (1 1/2 days)
Amy James
Age with adult: 16+

New! Ethnic Pastries: A European Tour (1 day)
Kim Ode
Age with adult: 14+

Exploring Fermented Foods
New! Exploring Fermented Foods (2 days)
Eric Edgin
Age with adult: 12+

Sampling Scandinavian Flatbreads
New! Sampling Scandinavian Flatbreads (1 day)
Erin Swenson-Klatt
Age with adult: 10+

Sausages for the Summer Grill
New! Sausages for the Summer Grill (1 day)
Jay Arrowsmith DeCoux
Age with adult: 10+

Skyr: Making Icelandic Yogurt
Skyr: Making Icelandic Yogurt (2 days)
Anna Sharratt
Age with adult: 10+

Northern Ecology

Birding By Ear
New! Birding By Ear (1 day)
Ann Russ
Age with adult: 14+

Boreal Birding Workshop
New! Boreal Birding Workshop (2 days)
Bob Janssen
Age with adult: 14+

What's This Rock? Unraveling the Geologic Story of Minnesota's North Shore

Winter River Exploration
Winter River Exploration (1 day)
Mark & Katya Gordon
Age with adult: 12+

Outdoor Skills & Travel

Bows and Arrows: Crafting a Traditional Longbow and Arrow Making

New! Build a Custom Fishing Rod (2 1/2 days)
Kris Kristufek
Age with adult: 14+

Entry Level Angling for Adults
New! Entry Level Angling for Adults (1 day)
Shawn Perich
Age with adult: 16+

Fly Casting Workshop
New! Fly Casting Workshop (1 day)
Reuben Swenson
Age with adult: 14+

Fly Fishing The North Shore

Tree Felling, Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance


Dovetail Log Cabin: Builder's Workshop

Masonry Heater Building
Masonry Heater Building (4 days)
Eric Moshier
Age with adult: 14+

Timber Framing

Outdoor Timbered Benches
New! Outdoor Timbered Benches (3 1/2 days)
Randy Schnobrich
Age with adult: 16+

Woodworking & Furniture Craft

Adirondack Chair Building
New! Adirondack Chair Building (2 1/2 days)
Randy Schnobrich
Age with adult: 14+

Service Learning Project: Adirondack Chair Building

Woodshop Intro for Women
New! Woodshop Intro for Women (3 days)
Cecilia Schiller
Age with adult: 16+