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Bushcooker Trail Stove: Craft Your Own

Course Overview

Discover the energy-efficient, inexpensive, one-pot cooking stove that's fit for trail, canoe trip or your next winter camping expedition. Proprietor of the famed Four Dog Stove Company, Don Kevilus, will teach you how to build and fire this 9-oz tin backpacking stove (4.25" x 5.25") - a hybrid designed from combustion stoves developed in Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland that use secondary combustion at the top of the stove to burn gases for increased efficiency. No need for any liquid fuel bottles or the additional weight and worry of gas canisters. Just 3 oz. of handforged twigs will give you a 6-minute boil and an additional 9 minutes of simmer time with this stove - perfect for any backcountry meal. Don will also cover the basics of fuel efficiency, learning how to tinder a fire out in the woods and how to quickly dry damp material for an efficient firing of your new trail stove.

Currently Scheduled Sessions