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Campus Accessibility

We believe that craft education should be accessible to anyone with an interest in learning, and that the mission of our school is made richer by welcoming a diverse range of students and participants to our campus, whether for classes, activities or community events.

Arriving and Parking on Campus

Designated, accessible parking (with sticker or placard) is available in our lots on each side of Highway 61, and in the lower commons when events and coursework allows. If you’re coming for a class, but don’t have a sticker, you are welcome to have someone drop you off near the classroom and then park in our other lots. Please call ahead with any questions or concerns about accommodating your needs.

Checking in for Class & Accessing our School Store

Our School Store is also our Front Office. This is where visitors arrive and students check in. This is currently located in the heart of campus on the north end of the Blue Building. If you’re visiting the School Store, please see the above parking information. If you’re coming for class and you’re able to let us know ahead of your arrival about mobility limitations, rather than checking in at the School Store you can go directly to your class; we’re happy to have a staff person meet you in your classroom instead.

Moving Around Campus

North House is a bustling place and there are often projects and activities in the outdoor commons and throughout campus. Outdoor surfaces include concrete, pavers, and gravel. Accessing the shoreline or the dock for the schooner Hjørdis requires traversing a rocky beach. Classes and community activities are rarely canceled due to weather, and conditions here can be cold, icy, and snowy in the winter months. The Boat Barn classroom in particular does not have a smooth paved surface leading to the classroom.

We do our best to keep campus as accessible as possible, including keeping paths clear of snow and other obstructions, but please alert staff if you encounter any issues. 

Please contact us ahead of time and we’re happy to help you get where you need to go.

Accessing Classrooms & Campus Buildings

The North House campus consists of over a half a dozen buildings, some historic. Due to this nature, different areas of campus can present difficulties for those with mobility issues. All classrooms have 36” wide doors to allow for wheelchair access, though some pathways and entrances can have uneven surfaces or thresholds that can present challenges. Most of our restrooms are wheelchair accessible, but not all are fully ADA compliant. We are working to increase physical accessibility throughout campus, but if you have specific questions about the facilities available for your classroom, please reach out ahead of time so that we can make your time on campus as welcoming and comfortable as possible.


Some course descriptions describe the specific activities included (such as time spent standing, sitting or hiking, hand strength required, or close hand work) usually in response to student feedback from past courses. That said, these are not always listed in detail. If you have any questions about what a course might be like, please inquire for clarification.

If you have a physical limitation that may make it challenging to complete a course, we hope you will be in touch about possible accommodations to make your time on campus successful and rewarding. We will do our best to make these accommodations, or communicate clearly when we cannot. Sometimes, it’s possible to have someone join you to work on a single project in a class together, or to have the instructor provide additional resources for workholding to reduce the amount of hand strength needed for a project.

At this time, many of our instructors have not received specialized training in this area, so advanced communication is greatly appreciated. With notice ahead of coursework starting, we may also be able to offer additional accommodations. At this time we are not able to offer live ASL interpretation for individuals in courses.  

Attending Public Events at North House

For Wooden Boat Show, Unplugged, and Winterers’ Gathering, please refer to the event pages for additional information about accessibility specific to the event, including parking, captions, or ASL interpretation, as well as reserved seating.

We welcome your inquiries and requests for accessibility and accommodations.

Please contact Liv Sulerud, Accessibility Coordinator: 218-387-9762

Click here to for more information about our Financial Accessibility Programs.

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