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Canoe Paddling Clinic

Course Overview

The simplicity of the canoe in its native habitat--the waterways of the North-- is both inspiring and deceiving. As anyone who has ever tried to paddle into a strong headwind can attest, there is both strength and skill behind the easy grace of an expert paddler. Join veteran paddler Erik Simula to gain new or improve your existing paddling skills so you too will appear to effortlessly navigate lakes and rivers. You'll travel to a nearby inland lake for a day of instruction in flatwater canoeing. Topics will include equipment, paddle strokes (j-stroke, sweep, draw, pry and brace), portaging techniques, canoe rescue and fast water considerations. While no experience is necessary, even those who have spent time on the water will benefit from Erik's expertise. Participants will need to bring (or rent) a canoe. Solo or tandem canoes are welcome.

Currently Scheduled Sessions