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Lou Pignolet

Hovland, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Lou Pignolet

Lou grew up in New Jersey and came to Minnesota in 1970, where he taught and did research as a chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. After 38 years he retired to Hovland, MN, to enjoy the wild nature of the North Shore. Lou and his wife have had a cabin in Hovland since 1980. He has always had an interest in woodworking and became inspired by the beautiful lathe-turned wooden bowls in Hawaii during a vacation in 2005. After taking a course in woodturning on a spring-pole lathe at North House in 2006, he set up a woodturning shop in Hovland and learned the craft by trial and error and advice from woodturners in Hawaii. Lou spends much of his time turning artistic bark-edged and unusually shaped bowls from local wood. His bowls combine the natural beauty of the wood with form and function. He participates in art shows and workshops on the North Shore and has established a reputation for making unique wooden bowls that are in high demand.

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Past Courses Offered by Lou Pignolet

Artistic Bark-Edged Wooden Bowl Tutorial

Artistic Bark-Edged Wooden Bowl Tutorial: Private Session

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