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Cecilia Schiller

St. Paul, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Cecilia Schiller

Sculptor and woodcarver, Cecilia works in her studio on the Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul to make interactive, gear-driven, people-powered, carved mechanical pieces (also called automata). These whimsical and colorful sculptures are brought to life when viewers turn a crank. The movement of the gears and figures mesmerizes both young and old. Cecilia honed a unique skill set that combines fine aesthetic details with high quality, durable workmanship while building sets and other creative imagery for theaters and private companies, including Children’s Theater, In the Heart of the Beast, the Guthrie, and the Minnesota Opera. Cecilia has won numerous grants and awards for her work. 

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Past Courses Offered by Cecilia Schiller

Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood: Extended Session

Handcrafted Wood Jewelry

Woodshop Intro for Women

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