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2024 Summer/Fall Catalog Kickoff

The new catalog is landing in mailboxes across the country. Read on for everything you need to know ahead of registration at the end of February.

Posted on February 29, 2024

It's time to plan your next trip to North House! Courses for summer and early fall 2024 are now published on our website. Registration opens February 29 at 9am CST. North House members get to register a day early, on February 28.

Summer/Fall 2024 Class List


Discovering the Language of Birds May 26
Lathe Turning: The Wooden Bowl May 27
Birding by Ear May 31
Discovering the Language of Birds May 31
Wool: The Full Experience May 31
Foraging for Spring Wild Edibles May 31
Puukko Knife: Forge Your Own May 31
Northwoods Nature Through the Lens May 31
What's this Rock Too? Central North Shore's Geologic Story May 31


Spring Birding on the North Shore June 1
Lichens: Pioneers of the North Woods June 1
Advanced Door Construction Service Learning Project June 1
The Modern Summer Pantry June 1
Event: Northern Landscapes Festival June 2 – 4
Ferns: Finding Magic in the North Woods June 2
Fine Furniture: Windsor Comb Back Mini Settee June 6
Blacksmith’s Folding Knife June 6
Crafting the Twig and Driftwood Chair and Footstool June 7
Bird Carving June 7
Cyanotype Leather and Canvas Bags June 7
Isle Royale and the Sleeping Giant June 7
Beginner Shibori: Dye Techniques with Indigo June 8
Scandinavian Band Weaving June 8
Fine Furniture: Natural-Edged Windsor Coffee Table June 9
Blacksmithing: The Basics & Beyond June 12
Cedar Bark Mat Weaving: From Forest to Floor June 13
Timbered Sawhorse Trestles: Women & Non-Binary Session June 13
Needle Felting & Bead Embroidery: Bead, Felt, & Frame June 14
A Midsommar Feast June 14
Post and Rung Stool Building June 14
Swedish Dalmålning Using Traditional Techniques June 15
Event: Wooden Boat Show June 16 – 18
Blacksmithing: Crafting The Tools of the Trade June 17
Kuksa Carving: Traditional Scandinavian Drinking Cup June 17
Give Some Heart: Carving Wooden Hearts June 20
Introduction to Rosemaling Gudbrandsdal Style June 20
Families at the Forge June 21
Sail Training Trip: Lonely Island Tour June 21
Cedar-Strip Boat Construction: Techniques & Fundamentals June 24
Canoe vs. Kayak: An Intro to Skin-On-Frame Building June 24
Shoemaking with the Cordwainer Shop: The Pathfinder June 24
Inkle Loom Weaving June 25
Fly Fishing the North Country in Prime Time June 25
Tapestry Weaving: Painting with Fiber June 28
Shoemaking with the Cordwainer Shop: The Squire Boot June 29
All Ground Up: Sausage Making June 29


Krympburkar: Scandinavian-Style Shrink Boxes July 5
North Shore Cyanotype Folio July 5
Boreal Basketry Immersion July 5
Families at the Forge July 5
Carve a Bench: Introduction to Greenwood Chair Building July 5
Log to Timber Frame - Building by Hand: Hewing Session July 6
Scandinavian Summer Classics July 6
Blacksmithing: The Basics & Beyond July 6
Log to Timber Frame - Building by Hand: Joinery July 11
Forgework Skills Refresher July 11
Crafting the Traditional Longbow & Arrow Making July 12
Lakeside Swatch to Sweater Adventure July 12
Decorative Ironwork Intensive July 12
Swedish Toothbrush Rugs July 13
The Great British Baking Class July 13
Braided-In Rug July 14
Crafting the Traditional Longbow & Arrow Making July 17
Figure Carving: Scandinavian Style July 18
Woven Cotton Towels on the Rigid Heddle Loom July 19
Leaves, Roots, & Bugs: Natural Dyes July 19
Tvåändsstickning - Mittens in Swedish “Twined” Knitting July 19
Black Ash Pack Basket July 19
Handmade Whisk Brooms July 21
Spinning: Alpaca, Llama, Mohair and More! July 21
Grand Marais & Beyond Nature Photography Workshop: Summer Session July 24
Step-by-Step Willow Baskets July 25
Outdoor Timbered Benches July 25
Herbal Foods and Drinks July 26


Lost Wax Casting: Sterling Silver Rings August 1
Hardcover Codex Bookbinding August 2
Small Breads: Bagels, Biscuits, Bollars, and More August 2
Invasive Color: Using Invasive Species as Natural Dyes August 3
Craft Exploration Camp for Adults August 5
Craft Exploration Camp for Families August 5
Mushroom & Fungi Intro August 9
Mushroom & Fungi Intro August 10
Shadow Weave: Complex Patterns from Simple Structures August 15
Viking-Era Bronze Casting with Recyclable Clay Molds August 15
Bezel Set Stones for North Shore Jewelry August 16
Rosemaling: Os Style August 16
Foraging to Fiber: Naturally Dyed Tote Bag and Scarf August 16
All Ground Up: Sausage Making August 17
Sail Training Trip: Learn to Cruise the North Shore, Knife River to Grand Marais August 17
Basic Timber Framing August 21
Viking Axe Heads August 21
Warp and Weft: Introduction to Floor Loom Weaving August 22
Mushroom & Fungi Intro August 23
Handmade Pasta August 23
Raw Felted Fleece: A New Approach to the Sheepskin Blanket August 23
Bounty of the Big Lake: Fish Cookery August 24
Natural Dyes in the Steam Box August 24
Mushroom & Fungi Intro August 24
Mushroom & Fungi: A Closer Look August 25
Timber Frame: Build Your Own Smaller Frames August 27
Lions, Tigers, and Dragons: Forging Animal Heads in Steel August 28
Turned Twill Block Weaves August 29
Wool: The Full Experience August 30
Understanding, Forecasting, and Photographing the Aurora Borealis August 31


Traditional Scandinavian Knife Forging September 3
Fine Furniture: Windsor Comb Back Armchair or Rocking Chair September 4
Build Thoreau's Cabin: Basic Building Skills Workshop September 5
Handwoven Wool Tote Bag September 5
Bowl Carving with Axe, Adze, and Gouge September 6
Luffarslöjd: Bowls of All Sizes September 6
Hand-Sewing Slöjd September 6
Sail Training Trip: Isle Royale Circumnavigation September 6
Forged Wood Carving Tools September 7
Introduction to Anishinaabe-Style Beadwork September 7
Fine Furniture: Natural-Edged Windsor Bench September 7
White on Blue: Organic Indigo and Resist Designs September 10
Overshot Weaving September 12
Warp Weighted Tabletop Loom: Build and Weave September 12
Natural Dyes Above and Beyond September 12
Introduction to Spinning on the Wheel September 13
Blacksmithing: Women & Non-Binary Session September 13
Kioke: Japanese Coopered Vessels with Shuji Nakagawa September 13
Basic Timber Framing September 13
Event: Unplugged September 14 – 17
All Ground Up: Sausage Making September 14
Lichens: Pioneers of the North Woods September 14
Forged Cooking Utensils: At the Grill and in the Kitchen September 17
Celestial Navigation: Dancing with the Stars September 17
Rosemaling an Acrylic Dala Horse September 18
Bundle Dyeing with Garden-Grown Pigments & More September 19
Spoon Carving Crash Course September 20
Japanese Woodworking Introduction September 20
Spoon Carving Crash Course September 22
The Authority of Stamping: Printmaking Workshop September 23
Fly Fishing the North Shore: Fall Fly Fishing Adventure September 23
Lost Wax Casting: Sterling Silver Rings September 23
The Modern Autumn Pantry September 24
Spoon Carving with Barn the Spoon September 24
Grand Marais & Beyond: Autumn Nature Photography Workshop September 25
Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine September 27
Rosemaling Plants from the Boreal Forest September 27
Welcome to Blacksmithing! September 27
Leather Bedside Book Bag September 27
Peak Veggie: Cooking with September's Vegetables September 28
Willow Exploration Extravaganza September 30


Weaving the Black Ash Pack Basket: Extended Session October 1
Etched Birch Bark Maple Sugar Cones October 2
Advancing with Coiled Baskets October 2
Sweetgrass Basketry October 5
Cider: Crafting Fine Hard Cider at Home October 5
Birch Bark Boxes: Scandinavian Bark Basketry October 5
Weaving Holiday Ornaments October 5
Woven Birch Bark Basketry October 5
Single Slat Post and Rung Chair October 10
All Things Cardamom October 10
Wooden Spoon Carving Traditions October 10
Primitive Rug Hooking: Open Session October 11
Needle Felting & Bead Embroidery: Bead, Felt, & Frame October 11
Mabon Medicines: Being Deeply Rooted October 12
Sharpening for the Woodworker October 12
Wooden Spoon Carving Traditions: Day 4 October 13
Rosemaling: Complete Your Own Project in Any Style October 25

Curious about becoming a member? Not sure how to register? Our Registration Info page has everything you need to prepare for registration day.