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March + April 2022 Courses Announced

Courses for March and April 2022 are now posted online, go have a look. Registration opens next week, so there is plenty of time to pour over our the 2022 catalog that should be hitting mailboxes as we speak and find a perfect course.

Posted on October 19, 2021

The latest batch of courses is newly posted online, this tranche opens for registration next week. Members day is Thursday, October 28 (did you know one of the perks of supporting North House is getting first go at registering for new courses?), with registration opening to all comers Friday 10/29/2022.

Scholarship applications also open 10/29.

These are just the newly launched courses - for the full course list browse the full Course Calendar.

Nuno Felted Scarves and Hats February 15
The Unfinished Wardrobe: A Three-Day Sew Fest February 15
Knitting Skolt Sami Socks February 17
Shearling-Lined Celtic Cable Crochet Headband Online Course February 18
Finger Crocheted Hat: Online Course February 19
Needle Felting & Bead Embroidery: Beads & Fiber Painting February 19
Penny Rugs: Woolen Mosaics February 19
Surface Design on Fabric February 19
Weft-Faced Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom February 19
Yak/Merino Neck Gaiter February 19
Swedish Bonadsmålning: Online Course February 23
Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood February 25
Hand-Crafted Brooms: An Introduction February 25
Masonry Heater Building February 25
All Ground Up: Sausage Making February 26
Sámi Inspired Four Braid Color Band Bracelet: Online Course February 26
Winter River Exploration February 26
Boat Geometry: Lofting and Half Hull Modeling March 03
Better Butter Baking March 04
Chainsaws: Safety, Maintenance, and Tree Felling March 04
Poached Breads: Bagels and Pretzel Buns Online Course March 04
Hand-Sewn Leather Clutch and Wallet March 05
Pewter Thread Braid Blast March 05
Rings True Sami Mitten: Online Course March 05
More Small Breads: Bialys, Wool Bread, Rye Buns and Scones March 06
Adirondack Chair Building March 11
Expedition Footwear: Making Hide & Canvas Mukluks March 11
Hardcover Codex Bookbinding March 11
Meat Preservation: The Basics and Beyond March 11
Basic Relief Carving March 15
Carving Köksredskap: Breadboards, Butter Knives, & Spoons March 15
Figure Carving: Scandinavian Style March 15
Kolrosing: Decorative Line Carving March 15
Playful Freeform Embroidery: Online Course March 18
Floral Relief Carving March 19
Hand Carved Bowls: The Breakfast Bowl March 19
Wooden Spoon Carving Traditions March 19
Black Ash Pack Basket March 25
Flavorful Rye Breads March 25
Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine March 25
Finger Crocheted Blanket: Online Course March 26
Sharpening Tutorial March 26
Black Ash Pack Basket March 29
Beginning Spinning: Spindle and Wheel April 01
Forged Cooking Utensils: At the Grill and in the Kitchen April 01
Post-and-Rung Stool Building April 01
Creative Mending April 02
Kumihimo: the Art of Japanese Braiding Online Course April 13
Basic Timber Framing April 29
Build Your Own Custom Fishing Rod April 29
Jewelry Construction: An Introduction April 29
Needle Felted Critters: Online Course April 29