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A is for Apples

Course Overview

Our region’s orchards provide over three-thousand apple varieties, many of them remarkably different in flavor, texture, color, in the juice they provide, and in their fermenting potential. Join Beth Dooley and explore the wide world of apples. We’ll cover how different varieties are especially well suited to specific dishes. Some make the very best sauces, others are great in soups and stews. Together we’ll craft a menu of appetizers, soups, snacks, salads, main dishes, sides, and of course, great desserts. Along with all this, we’ll taste a range of different ciders—sweet and hard—and learn how these fermented beverages can spark savory dishes far better than any wine. We’ll discuss the history of apples, share stories and lore: how the variety Sheepsnose got its name, who created the Geneva Crab, and how to keep storage varieties such as Keepsake fresh through the winter. We will work with Minnesota apples such as Fireside, Haralson, Keepsake, Beacon, Wealthy, Northern Spy, in familiar recipes with updated twists.

Currently Scheduled Sessions