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Awl In One: The Birch Bark Series

Course Overview

Here is your chance to fully engage the craft of birch bark basketry under the instruction of multiple craftsfolk who have been studying and working with elements of the birch tree for over four decades. We rolled the best of North House's birch bark weaving courses into one. Professional silviculturist John Zasada will introduce the concepts of birch ecology, the anatomy of birch bark and what that tells us about harvesting birch. Under the tutelage of master birch bark weaver Charlie Mayo, students will learn how to weave with birch bark and develop projects such as the popular finger basket (rings), a woven birch bark knife sheath, and get started on advanced projects such as hats or shoes. Fred Livesay’s focus is on the thicker bark such as embossing, carving and decorating as students craft oval birch bark boxes used traditionally in Scandinavia for storage. Julie Kean will use her innovative approach to using other elements of the tree to make a woven storage basket that’s both functional and creative. All levels of interest are welcome, as students will discover four differing styles of working with birch bark.

Currently Scheduled Sessions