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Between Twill Twine Pouch

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Course Overview

The between-twill twine pouch blends weaving techniques and materials to create a patchwork of nature that you can carry. There will be two project size options; a small pouch (approx. 6” x 1” x 4”) or a medium pouch (approx. 7” x 2” x 6”). The first day will mostly be spent working with the raw materials, to learn about their origin and how to process them. Using inner basswood bark fiber, students will prepare the cordage used to twine up the basket and for the pouch strap. Cedar bark will be used for spokes and willow bark twill woven in-between. Using the twine and twill weaving techniques will allow the students to integrate patterns in their final product. On the last day, students will use a sewing machine to make a felted liner fitted for the inside of their pouch. For weavers looking to expand their basketry with mixed natural mediums, this class is the next level!

Basket Week 2018: Registration in this session of this course includes participation in a day of demonstrations, talks and other activities on Friday, August 31 as part of Basket Week for no additional tuition cost. More information will be provided in mid-summer. Please plan to participate!

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