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Build Your Own Guitar

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Course Overview

Building your own guitar is almost as much fun as playing an instrument you have created. In this class we’ll be building a small guitar based on the Martin 1-18 parlor guitar. It’s an intimate instrument with shorter scale length and a sweet voice that begs to be played. Much smaller than a dreadnought but not a toy, it is easy to travel with or keep near your bedside for those late night song ideas. Prepared wood will alleviate some of the heavy woodworking but you will get a feel for the entire process of building an instrument start to finish. During the class there will be some time for discussions of building theory and technique and, if time allows, a field trip to Dave’s shop. The finished instrument will be a nice addition to your collection or a nice foray into the world of luthiery. Most of the construction will be with hand tools but some power tools will be used. We can’t turn you into C.F. Martin but it’ll be a great start. All materials, parts, hardware and even strings are included for a complete instrument. Cases will be available for purchase from the instructor.

Currently Scheduled Sessions