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Handcraft In The Modern World: Jigs and Tools for the Shop

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Course Overview

Build one guitar and you can muscle through anything. Build six guitars or ten of anything and your muscles will quickly convince you there must be a better way. Whether building a musical instrument or crafting fine furniture, well designed jigs and tooling can both enhance quality and save time. After a lifetime of guitar building, Jim Olson has envisioned, designed and utilized jigs and tooling of every type. The results – Olson Guitars are considered to be some of the best in the world. In this course, Jim will offer an overview of the systems he has utilized and describe how he has improved initial shop strategies over time. Students are encouraged to bring the jigs they are currently using and workshop questions/challenges to fuel the class discussion. Jim will also highlight how he has integrated high-tech tools to enhance his building techniques. While Jim specializes in guitars, students interested in jig utilization for any project are welcome to attend.

Currently Scheduled Sessions