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Music Performance, Professionalism & Presentation with Jonathan Edwards

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Course Overview

Musical performance is as much a craft as the timber-framing, boat-building and bread-baking more commonly associated with North House. Years of practice and thought, careful care of tools and preparation of materials are key to producing high quality work. Jonathan Edwards is a master craftsman in this field: 45 years of experience, 16 albums, “Top 40” recognition and countless performances later, Jonathan has much to share. Join him for a wide-ranging discussion, covering subjects from personality projection to stage presence to musicianship to engagement with the audience to equipment to travel considerations and more. Jonathan will place a special emphasis on the essential, critical and intimate connection between the singer and the lyric, between the musician and the melody, between the meaning and the groove. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments, their songs, and all the questions and concerns they might have regarding the creation and performance of music.

Currently Scheduled Sessions