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Krympburkar: Scandanavian-Style Shrink Boxes

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Course Overview

The shrink box is a wooden container that relies on a simple trick: Freshly cut (green) wood and dry wood behave differently. The body of the vessel is made from green wood that changes in size as it dries (putting the “shrink” in shrink box). The bottom of the vessel is made of dry wood. As the green wood dries out, it shrinks, tightens, and locks around the dry bottom. If done correctly, this will create a water-tight vessel. Though they are called boxes, these containers are typically cylindrical in shape because they are usually made from hollowed tree branches. Centuries ago, the Vikings made tight fitting lids for shrink boxes and used them for storing salt and spices. This course, team-taught by two accomplished woodworkers, will serve both newcomers to the craft of shrink boxes and woodworkers with previous experience who are looking to further explore the possibilities of shape and/or surface decoration. Students may choose to make one special box or perhaps several of them, depending on their skills and desires. Traditional paints and decorative carving will be demonstrated and available for students to practice. Both instructors bring a wealth of knowledge of green woodworking traditions, skills, and techniques, providing a highly supportive environment and diverse perspectives for student learning.

Required Tools

  • Your favorite carving knife and small carving tools


Fri, Dec 3rd, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 5th, 2021

Course Details

Skill Levels: Beginner to Intermediate
Hours: 9am-5pm each day
Tuition: $315.00
Materials fee: $45.00

Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Paul Linden
Paul Linden
Minneapolis, MN

Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Wesley Hathaway
Wesley Hathaway

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