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Traditional Crafts

Soapmaking: The Old Fashioned Way

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Course Overview

Soap—so simple, yet so misunderstood. Have you ever pondered the ingredients contained in a typical bar of soap? Petroleum distillates, sulfates, and many other unpronounceable additives. Whatever happened to that good ol’ fashioned soap that Grandma made? Using the same ingredients Grandma used, animal fat and lye, students will learn how to make gentle, natural soaps, and explore the history and science of this cleanser. Students will also leave with at least two varieties of handmade soap, information and resources, and plenty of experience to make soap at home. Students ages 12 and up are welcome to participate with an adult. Call to receive a 25% intergenerational discount.

Required Tools

  • Old clothing
  • Latex/rubber gloves
  • Chemical safety glasses (that seal completely around the eyes)
  • Dust mask
  • Two "shoe" boxes for carrying your soap home
  • Towel or small blanket to wrap around the "carrying" boxes for insulation. It is very important to insulate the boxes for 24 hours after making the soap.

Optional Tools

  • Soap molds - either purchased molds specifically for soap or "recycled" containers that have a shape you like.  Molds should be made of plastic or silicone, not glass or metal.  The instructor will also have molds available for use.

*Chemical safety glasses can be found at hardware stores often in paint departments.


Sat, Apr 6th, 2024

Course Details

Hours: 9am-1pm
Tuition: $80.00
Materials fee: $15.00
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Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Jeanne Wright
Jeanne Wright
Grand Marais, MN

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Soapmaking: The Old Fashioned Way