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Artisan Breads II

Course Overview

Hand-crafted, long-fermented, hot-hearth baked: There are so many kinds of breads to explore! This course covers the same underlying concepts of artisan baking found in Artisan Breads I, with a focus on using whole grains. You’ll learn how to use soakers and pre-ferments to extract flavor and nutrition from the grains, and techniques to fit baking into your busy schedule. Recipes include Ciabatta, Whole Grain Boule with variations, and Whole Grain Pita. We will bake in North House Folk School’s wood-fired oven, and you will learn how to create the hot-hearth experience in your home oven. Open to beginning and intermediate bakers, this course requires the ability to stand for periods of time, to knead dough by hand, and to walk to and from the teaching kitchen and the outdoor wood-fired oven. Artisan Breads I and II do not need to be taken sequentially.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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