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Bowl Carving with Axe, Adze and Gouge: Continuing Exploration

Course Overview

Using hand tools to create beautiful and functional bowls from freshly split birch can be something of an addictive pursuit. For those who have taken the introductory session of this course before and/or have experience carving with green wood, long-time instructor Jon Strom offers this new extended course focused on moving beyond the basics. Over five days, students will have the opportunity to create multiple bowls, explore unusual shapes and experiment with a variety of embellishment techniques including painting, chip carving and kolrosing. As is the case with most green wood, the tree will tell the maker what it wants to be, if only one knows how to listen and wield a sharp edge to find the beauty therein. This class is designed for students who have some knowledge of how to use the axe, adze and gouge. Good intro courses include Bowl Carving with Axe, Adze and Gouge and Crafting the Voyageur's Noggin.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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