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Timber Framing

Building a Traditional Norwegian Storage Building: Birch Bark and Sod Roof

Course Overview

Since at least 300 AD, the birch bark and sod roof has been the most important roof type in Scandinavia for heated homes. The sod both insulates and protects the waterproof bark layer from sunlight and wind. This combination can last 50-70 years before the birch bark needs replacing. The course will start off with time in the field collecting birch bark and digging sod.  Since the bark is difficult to work with immediately after harvest, the fresh bark will be pressed and allowed to dry for a future project. Bark harvested in 2018 will be used for the course. Students will work together to place the multiple shingled layers of bark and then sod progressing from the eave to the peak. Most of the work will be done in the field, so please come prepared to work in hot, cold, wet and possibly buggy conditions.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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