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Clothing & Jewelry

Buttoned Up: Make Your Own Ceramic Buttons

Course Overview

Plastic buttons that fall off too easily really pushing your buttons? Time to take matters into your own hands and create and design your own durable stoneware ceramic buttons from wet clay. The perfect finishing touch to a handmade garment or a great way to personalize a beloved item, ceramic buttons are an easy introduction to working with clay to create functional items. Note, because the clay will need to be fired, this course has a very funky schedule: there will be two sessions from 9am-noon and 9am-11am, with one full day off in-between, making it a great creative experience add-on to a North Shore weekend. Each student will create up to a dozen buttons that can be picked up on or after August 15, or can be shipped to their home.Summer Session: August 10 9am-noon and August 12 9am-11am. No course August 11. 

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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