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Cabin Masonry Mass Stove Building

Course Overview

Is it a cookstove? Is it a bake oven? Can it heat water? Does it heat up to 700 sq.ft.? Does it burn wood efficiently and extremely safe? Is it small and unobtrusive? The answer is yes to all! Meet the multipurpose masonry mass stove, down-sized for a smaller spaces. This is the mini-Swiss Army knife version of the masonry stove. Perfect for small homes and cabins, the masonry stove has been heating homes in Europe since the 8th century. In this class you will learn some of the history and basic theories of good stove construction plus we will get dirty and learn to lay firebrick and common clay brick in clay mortars. The cabin stove is just a smaller cousin to some of the behemoth 15,000lb masonry heaters that are built daily in North America and Europe. This class will cover the same basic principles and some of the construction techniques that the Masonry Heater class covers but only in a smaller, simpler version. The skills learned on one of these smaller stoves could be used to build a larger version, though that will require a different set of plans.

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