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Painting & Photography

Capturing the Frozen Shore: Photographing Lake Superior in Winter

Course Overview

On the north shore, Lake Superior first begins to freeze in late February. Waves and wind push the ice against the shore where it piles up into infinite shapes and shades of blue. These unique ice features, combined with winter sea smoke, (which rises off Superior only during the winter months), open water, and the sun, make for one-of-a-kind images. Join instructor Bryan Hansel for a photography workshop along Superior’s frozen shoreline. Participants should bring a digital camera, (preferably a DSLR), extra batteries, memory cards, a laptop, a sturdy tripod and ice cleats. This workshop is an intensive day and a half day course. During the first evening, Bryan covers the basics of keeping your camera functioning during a cold winter day. He also discusses different strategies for capturing unique images during the sunrise and sunset. On the second day, the workshop takes to the field for a sunrise on Lake Superior. Bryan will lead you on a photographic exploration of the frozen shoreline. Afterward, you’ll warm up at the North House and share the images you captured.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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