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Classic Nordic Cuisine

Course Overview

The foods of Scandinavia are rich in tradition (and butter), emerging from cultures deeply tied to the land--fish, dairy, grains and berries are all hallmarks of this delicious and varied cuisine. This class will cover a variety of classic Nordic foods, such as hot-smoked herring, beet-cured gravlax, rugbrød and smørrebrød, kåldolmar, reindeer souvas, kroppkakor, raggmunk, toscakaka, and waffles with cloudberries and whipped cream. Some recipes will be made from scratch in class; other items will be displayed and/or discussed. The course culminates in a shared meal for students and a guest in a harbor-side celebration of learning, community and delicious food. Come prepared to chop, learn, and taste!

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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