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Craft of Arrow Design: Online Webinar

Course Overview

There are few things as beautiful and satisfying as watching the flight and arc of an arrow as it leaves the string of your bow. Arrows are part of who we are. We know that crafting arrows was a part of the earliest peoples who relied on bows and arrows to survive. The discovery of Otzi the iceman who lived just over 5,000 years ago verifies our connection to the past and the design and use of bows and arrows as part of who we are. They not only found his body, but multiple artifacts, including a bow made of yew and 14 arrows made from dogwood and viburnum. Fast forward to the discovery of the Mary Rose, an English warship that was sunk in 1545 and raised in 1982. They found over 3,500 arrows that give us insight into the craft, culture and importance of arrows.

In this webinar, Rick will walk through the beautiful craft of designing arrows, from the most primitive to more modern wood arrows. Students will explore the beauty and mystery of arrow design and wood selection, and the instructor will demonstrate the basic skills of how to craft, in several different ways, this iconic symbol of our life and culture. Students walk away with the basic skills for how to build their own arrows to carry on this beautiful tradition for hunting, recreation, or just to enjoy their own handmade work.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.