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Crafting the Throwing Axe

Course Overview

Popularized today by many historical reenactors of the fur trade era, the throwing axe is a weapon deeply embedded in North American history. Akin to the hatchet, it offers the ability to split and chop wood but is also designed to be used as a hand-to-hand or throwing weapon. The construction method for this axe will be a two-piece wrap weld via the process of forge welding, with a mild steel outer layer for durability and a high carbon 1095 center bit for edge retention. In this class students will learn the whole process of making a steel-headed throwing axe. Starting with an understanding of the forges and tools, students will move on to learn forge-welding and forging techniques, manipulating and moving the steel to profile, forming an eye for the handle, and heat-treating the steel for field use. Also covered in this course will be basic techniques and examples for proper use of the throwing axe. Some blacksmithing experience helpful, but not required.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

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