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Design Your Own Small House

Course Overview

If you have ever dreamed of building your own small home, shop, sauna, studio, or cabin, this course is for you. Designing a space according to your own values and needs is a creative and satisfying endeavor. Instructor Mark Hansen has been designing and building small shelters for a variety of uses since the 1970s. In this course, students will study examples of successful small designs and features that may prove useful for their own projects. Students will consider the purposes and functions they want their shelter to provide, and are encouraged to bring sketches and photographs of favored ideas. Once a design has been selected, students will draw and construct a scale model which will serve as a tangible outline for their project. An open discussion format will be used for this course, allowing for a wide variety of topics that may arise such as material costs and sources, local zoning issues, and ideas to maximize interior and exterior space. Students will also receive individual attention pertaining to their design and model construction. The materials fee covers all needed supplies. 

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