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Designing and Growing a Medicinal Permaculture Landscape

Course Overview

Dreaming of turning your yard into an herbal and edible sanctuary? Get inspired to grow your own medicines! In this workshop, participants will design an edible and/or medicinal landscape using permaculture techniques, as well as learn hands-on growing techniques for medicinal and culinary plants and shrubs. Over the course of the workshop, we will cover permaculture principles to support participants in designing their own permaculture garden, large or small.  With a focus on edible and medicinal plants, shrubs and trees, participants will begin designing their own landscapes.  Participants will learn about growing plants from seed or cutting.  We will also go into detail about zone 3-5 plants that can be used as food and medicine- how to grow, prepare and use them. Participants will take home seeds, saplings and a design that they can implement at home, beginning this year. Additional plants and seeds will be available for purchase from the instructor. Students ages 10 and up are welcome to participate with an adult. Call to receive a 25% intergenerational discount.

Required Tools

  • Bring a map of the space you will design

Optional Tools

  • Trowel or hori-hori

Currently Scheduled Sessions

Fri, May 12th, 2023  –  Sun, May 14th, 2023
9am-4pm each day
Instructor: Monarda Thrasher