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Large-Scale Dragon Head Carving

Course Overview

Dragons and their brethren have a long and checkered history with humans, sometimes adversarial, sometimes protective. The carving techniques used in this class were handed down from the Viking era (800-1200) and used on Viking long boats as well as the Oseberg ship. Carve a large-scale dragon head of your very own in this extended format course. Three different patterns will be provided to guide the design, but students will be encouraged to add personal details to their work. Students can expect to complete one side of a piece in class; more advanced carvers may finish two sides or a pair on one side. We will also discuss finishing and painting. This project will use pine or basswood and could be hung indoors or outdoors. The finished figurehead will be approximately 18” x 30” x 2”.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.