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Drink Your Medicine: Healing Teas, Natural Sodas, and More

Course Overview

Join us for a day of exploring the world of drinkable medicine, aka herbal tea. As participants learn several techniques for making medicinal drinks, Monarda will weave in herbal wisdom, knowledge, and stories. We will start the day with a plant walk, learning how to identify common weeds and wild plants, and how to harvest and properly dry herbs for tea-making. Participants will also learn the fundamentals of creating a tea blend balanced for medicine, flavor, and nutrition, how to brew Chai and to mull wine. We will also explore the exciting and bubbly world of healing and wild-fermented sodas! The goal for this workshop is for participants to cultivate the confidence to begin to experiment with creating tea blends unique to their needs and wants.

Tea is the most basic, inexpensive, delicious, and accessible way to convey medicine to the body for healing. It can be a simple and powerful self-love ritual. This workshop will introduce students to basic herbal healing philosophy, knowledge, and wisdom in a practical way. Participants will go away with knowledge of how herbs work in the body, information about safety, as well as an understanding of sustainable and ethical issues within herbalism.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.