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Fly Fishing Intensive: Casting and Presenting a Fly

Course Overview

Imagine casting a fly to a feeding fish more than 50 feet away, allowing the fly to drift naturally through clear slow-moving water, and then watching the fish surface and take it in. That successful moment in fly fishing doesn’t happen by accident. This course is designed as an intensive 2 1/2 -day workshop in casting and fly presentation that will enable students to improve their chances of catching fish on a fly. The progressive method of casting will be used to develop good casting techniques for beginners and to help experienced casters shed some bad habits to improve distance and accuracy, and better handle windy conditions and tight casting quarters. The presentation portion of the class will focus on a variety of techniques that will enable students to present a fly more naturally in both still and moving water. As part of the fly presentation portion of the class various leader and tippet formulas will also be discussed which, coupled with the casting and presentation techniques the students will learn, should improve their fly fishing success.

Required Tools

  • Fly rod, floating line and reel are reccommended but not required. These can be borrowed by prior arrangement.
  • Waders
  • Wading staff/stick (a limited number available to borrow)
  • A valid Minnesota fishing license and trout stamp. Even though we won’t be actually fishing we will be practicing certain casts and strategies on trout water using flies.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.