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Painting & Photography

Focus! The Basics of Photography

Course Overview

Photography is more than quick snapshots of friends and family. Photography is a rewarding way to explore and discover the world, and engages one’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Merging art with craft, science, and math, photography engages the mind completely. As the modern iteration of the ancient craft of observation of the landscape, photography has long been a passion for many who visit the stunning beauty of the North Shore. These days, cameras can seem complicated with more bells and whistles than needed: that complication takes away from one’s ability to effectively utilize curiosity, creativity, and imagination during the creation of a photo. In this course, professional photographer, Bryan Hansel will demystify camera settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus systems, and more. Students will learn to shoot in manual mode and feel confident using those bells and whistles to accomplish their goals by the end of the class. This is a great introduction to a variety of photography workshops taught at North House.

Students enrolled in the course are eligible for a discount from Singh-Ray filters (instructor will provide details upon registration). The course will be broken up into two parts: in the classroom for a series of slideshows, and out in the field to practice the concepts just learned. Bring a camera, lenses and a sturdy tripod. Optional items include ND grad filters and a shutter release cord.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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