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Hand Tool Woodworking: Getting Started

Course Overview

This class serves as the foundation for woodworking with hand tools. Students will learn about preparing seasoned wood for joinery and assembly of a journeyman’s toolbox, customizable to their specifications. Accurate sawing, surface prep, layout of joinery, assembly, and finishing will all be addressed. Demonstration, guided practice, various tool options including set-up and maintenance will all be included and discussed. All aspects of this class will involve traditional approaches and be free from the dust and noise of the typical modern wood shop. This is an excellent way for aspiring woodworkers to get the chance to use and compare high quality hand tools before making a big investment.

Required Tools

All tools needed will be supplied. We will practice with and compare quality tools from across the cost spectrum.

Optional Tools

Students may feel free to bring their own woodworking and marking tools if they feel more comfortable using them, this may include; measuring and marking tools, handsaws, chisels, block and bench planes.  

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.