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Hand-Twisted Cattail-Rush Footstool Weaving

Course Overview

Learn the age-old traditional craft of weaving chair seats using easily harvested natural cattail leaves, the ‘goods from the swamp’ that are found throughout Minnesota. In this course you will hand-twist the cattail leaves into a rope and weave on a footstool, beginning on the outer rails and end up in the center. This technique goes back to the early 1400s and before and is found in many of the chairs made during the 17th century such as Hitchcock and Sheridan and remains popular even today. Highlights will be learning how to gather and prepare the rush, twisting the leaves to make the rope, making perfect right-hand turns, packing and stuffing and final finishing techniques. No prior experience is necessary, but prior paper rush weaving very helpful. Moderate hand strength is needed and there is repetitive movement with the technique.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.