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Fiber Art

Handcrafting A Broom-Corn Broom

Course Overview

Brooms have been used for centuries to clean our homes, but they haven't always come from a hardware store. Historically this simple tool was hand crafted using available materials and became an expression of individual creativity and ingenuity. In this course you'll become familiar with the character of broom corn and learn about the simple tools required to make a broom. You will make a whisk broom to practice the craft of weaving broom corn stalks, then you'll prepare a handle, lay up and lash broom corn to the handle, and weave the final round of broom corn stalks up the handle to finish the work. Both brooms will then be shaped and stitched to stiffen the bristles and hold the final form. A final trim on the end of the broom, and you will be ready to sweep the shop clean!

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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