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Traditional Crafts

Herbalism Immersion: Traditional Herbal Apotheca

Course Overview

Engage in botanical basics and then build upon ancient and contemporary herbal wisdom to create the beginning of your own home apotheca, a home herbal apothecary in this immersive five-day experience. Each day will feature in-depth instruction in herbalism theory, followed by hands-on practice formulating and creating new hand crafted herbals to bring home for personal health and wellness. Herbal preparations and botanical basics will include: herbal tea infusions and decoctions, botanical tinctures, herbal syrup, solar-infused herbal oil, botanical balm-salve, herbal first aid spray, therapeutic foot soak, herb poultice/compress, and a small set of flower essences. This extended five day course has been requested by many past students to allow ample space for conversation, questions and story sharing. This course is a special offering certificate level; a strong pathway and prerequisite for those who desire to pursue a future Master of Herbalism degree. While beginning students are welcome to register for this course, students with previous herbalism studies will build upon their prior experiences to both deepen and broaden their knowledge.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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