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Fiber Art

Introduction to Nålbinding

Course Overview

Nålbinding, or needle binding, is an ancient looping technique that has been practiced in six of the seven continents. While artifacts date to the Bronze Age, nålbinding was used to make warm garments like socks, hats, and mittens during the Viking Age -- thereby gaining its name Viking knitting or knotless netting. Almost lost and forgotten once knitting was developed around 3,000 years later, nålbinding has regained its popularity thanks in part to members of reenactment groups seeking to replicate Viking era traditions.

In this class, students will learn basic nålbinding stitches that are the foundation of this very old fiber technique to make a hat using woolen yarn and a handcrafted wooden needle. Printed materials, finished pieces, photographs, and replicas of historical garments will be available for hands-on inspection and inspiration. 

The materials fee covers one handmade wooden nålbinding needle, written instructions, and several types of practice yarns.

Required Tools

  • One skein of Lamb's Pride bulky (not worsted) 100% wool yarn in a favorite color for the final project.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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