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Painting & Photography

Lake Superior Winter Photography: Getting Prepared

Course Overview

Whether wild and windswept, placid and smoke-filled, piled with icy shards or reflecting pastel hues, Lake Superior in the winter is a spectacular thing. But capturing this beauty in a photo takes some special preparation of both the photographer and the equipment. Learn how to keep your camera functioning in sub-zero temps, learn how to keep safe while walking along the icy shoreline and learn how to get a good picture of the big lake during the best time of the year to photograph it. The class consists of an evening classroom season and then a field day to practice the techniques taught in the classroom.

Bring multiple layers of warm clothing, warm gloves, warm boots and a backpack to carry your gear in. Split neutral density graduated filters are highly recommended. Upon registration, your instructor will provide specifics and a discount code for Singh-Ray filters.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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